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​Autonomy or Micro-Management in your Workplace?

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Autonomy or Micro-Management in your Workplace?

​Autonomy or Micro-Management in your Workplace?

​Autonomy or Micro-Management in your Workplace?

So firstly, what is autonomy in the workplace? Autonomy means giving your staff the trust and freedom to manage and complete their own responsibilities and targets on a day-to-day basis without feeling micromanaged. 

Here at Vickerstock workplace autonomy is very strongly encouraged. Due to the nature of recruitment, consultants are set monthly targets, therefore autonomy enables our employees to plan their own day-to-day structure to meet their individual KPI’s. 

We wanted to get a better understanding of the benefits that our autonomy structure has had on our consultants.

When you are granted that level of responsibility and trust by your employer to do your job, it is only natural that your level of motivation and productivity will increase. There is also a level of comfort knowing you can work towards achieving your target without a strict structure. 

Mary Quinn, our Professional Services Recruitment Manager talks about how our autonomy structure has benefited her: 

“I have always had the mindset, that I run my desk as if it is my own business. As a recruiter you are driven by targets, whether it be financial or personal targets, so you need to be self-motivated to achieve these.

Within Vickerstock you are given all the tools and support, to enable you to hit your targets and you are then left to your own devices, so you are in complete control. I thrive on this level of autonomy and would feel suffocated if I was micromanaged.”

Furthermore, when the nature of work within a company enables an employee to work from home, the autonomy structure does offer employees an improved work-life balance. 

Brian Mitchell, Business Manager for Construction, stated, “What I personally value the most with Vickerstock’s autonomy working structure is the trusted aspect to look after my own desk while also having the flexibility to work from home. Last year I had a baby boy and having that work-life balance to work through my day whilst being able to help at home when needed was brilliant.”

Our aim at Vickerstock is to listen to our staff and accommodate ways that they believe will help them work better and more efficiently. If you are currently being micromanaged within your current job and seeking more of a trusted and flexible workplace environment, contact our Talent Acquisition Manager, Glenda Reddington who can chat with you with complete confidence on the current opportunities available at Vickerstock, / Direct Line: 02890 024668

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