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My Career With Vickerstock

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My Career With Vickerstock

​We recently sat down with our newly promoted Principal Consultant Chris Quinn to find out more about how career journey with Vickerstock.

Can you share with us how your journey led you to a career in recruitment?

Certainly. I spent several years working in B2B sales, representing companies such as Groupon and Yell. As I developed my skills in sales, I felt the desire to build a long-term career. A friend who was already in recruitment suggested that it might be a suitable path for me, and that's when I decided to explore recruitment as my next career move.

What drew you to Vickerstock specifically?

Having worked in recruitment for 7 to 8 years after my sales roles, I had consistently come across Vickerstock on job boards. When the time came to transition to a new role, I visited their website to learn more about the company. I also checked employee reviews on Glassdoor to gain insights into the working environment. After reading these, unsurprisingly, Vickerstock was the only agency I reached out to during my search.

Can you share your experience during the initial months at Vickerstock?

It was definitely a challenge. I had previously managed my own fast-paced temporary recruitment agency focused on hospitality. Transitioning to running a supply chain desk in engineering required a significant learning curve. Despite lacking experience in this industry, the management team at Vickerstock provided invaluable support. While it was challenging, I enjoy facing such situations, and ultimately, it has proven to be rewarding.

How would you describe your time at Vickerstock so far?

It has been a fantastic experience. I've undergone significant personal and professional growth since joining. I've evolved into a completely different recruiter compared to when I first started. Vickerstock provides all the necessary tools for success, with various platforms available. There have been challenges along the way, but the team has always been there to offer support and answer any questions. The team culture is brilliant, there's a genuine sense of collaboration—everyone supports each other. We do enjoy heading out together for dinner and drinks as well.

What do you see for your future at Vickerstock?

I see a very promising future. When I started, I was a Specialist Recruiter on a new desk. Now I’m a Principal Recruiter with the prospect of building and managing a supply chain recruitment team. It’s clear that as the company evolves and grows, I’ll be given every opportunity to evolve and grow with it.

Why do you believe someone should consider a career in recruitment with Vickerstock?

Vickerstock offers a fantastic team environment, where everyone gets along well, providing excellent support and opportunities for recruiters. The tools and resources available here enable recruiters to excel in their roles and find success in their careers. If someone possesses the right work ethic, attitude, and fits well within the team, they can thrive at Vickerstock.

Do you want to find out more about having a career with Vickerstock? Submit your CV via the link below or get in touch with our Talent Acquisition Manager Glenda Reddington for a confidential chat